Love Saves the Day

Love Poetry Challenge

So I’ve been struggling to recover from a severe case of writer’s block. Leave it to the beautiful blog, Rendezvous En New York, to help me heal by nominating me for the Love In Ten Sentences poetry challenge! 

Here’s the task at hand. Write a ten line poem, four words per line, each line containing the word love. And here is what I came up with.

Anytime I’m drifting, love.
Anytime I’m flinching, love.
Love won’t defeat me.
Love can’t keep me.
Always I repeat, love.

You’ll see love lie.
See love tragically denied.
But hold love tight.
Love’s worth the try.
Always I repeat, love.

Now it’s your turn! And if you have any helpful tips for the old writers block plague, I’m all ears.

6 responses to “Love Saves the Day”

  1. I think you would have lots to blog about given your kids and the mischief kids can get in to.

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  2. You’re so right…I just can’t seem to put any of it together into something worth reading right now.


  3. Care less about what others think.


  4. I have days like that. I just write down any idea I have in a draft good or not, then I will come back to the ones that stick. So you may have ten or twenty drafts for one post but at least it gets ideas out there.


  5. I have a few different methods I use when I’m feeling stuck. For fiction I write down words or short ideas that pop in my head and make a list. I just keep going until I’ve got a healthy bunch and then piece together things. It’s like mad libs. Every now and again I get something worth it but mainly it just gets the creative juices flowing. Or writing prompts, there’s millions. For posts, reading a newspaper or other blogs. It may give you a quick idea of your own.


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