Passing Penmanship

Rainbow Drawing

My oldest boy is learning to write. He can’t quite get those tricky w’s, and he writes his sixes backwards.

Right now, he loves homework. I mean not just a little, when he’s sent home with an assignment, it’s like Christmas morning for this kid. He cries if we can’t make it to a school function, and just about jumps through the ceiling with joy for PTO meetings.

Kind of like how mommy gets when she actually gets to visit a real-life, grown-up bar.

He insists on saving every art project, which almost always includes one of his drawings of rainbows, and he teaches his little brothers the songs he learns in music class.

He loves school. It’s his pride and joy.

But I know there will come a day when all of this will end.

Someday he’ll breeze through his w’s without a second thought, and those pesky sixes will eventually straighten out. The happiness of having homework will vanish, and a crabby teenager will emerge. If he ever agrees to come out of his room, that is.

His little brothers will cease to be his music students, and will transform into annoying shadows…or worse yet, his partners in crime.

And the thought of attending a PTO meeting will be more devastating than a zit on school picture day.

I know that someday, a day that will certainly come all too soon, the scribbly rainbow drawings and stick figure renditions of our family will no longer follow him home in his R2D2 backpack.

And I know how very much I’ll miss it.

7 responses to “Passing Penmanship”

  1. Love the post! I used to worry about that too when my boys were so adorable and enthusiastic about things. When they started heading toward the prepubescent stage I started to fret. But I would tell myself their synapses were regenerating and they had very few rational thoughts (I read that somewhere), but then they became teenagers and they still love life, have motivation. They just need to know that their parents are there to support them, be non-judgmental, respectful and open to listening to their concerns. It seems to have worked for my boys somehow. I also read that the way your child is as a toddler, is a good predictor of how they will be as a teen.

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  2. Thanks so much for the encouraging words…maybe those teen years won’t be as scary as they seem after all! 😉


  3. Enjoy and embrace it for as long as you can, and the try to stretch it out even longer..:) it goes by much too quickly.

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  4. Learning how to write can be a little tricky, but that proud moment when you learn how to write your own name is fantastic.

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  5. Love it and yes….the time really flies. Enjoy them while they are young..they are fascinating.

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  6. You never know! When I went through those years I wasn’t your typical angsty teen, I was still passionate about school, granted not in some subjects like math or physics, but definitely in other areas. Your kid might not enjoy those PTO meetings as much, but you can revel in his other passions 🙂

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