We’re watching the Never Ending Story while folding the Never Ending Laundry.

6 responses to “Saturday.”

  1. just wait until the boys are older and bigger and you have the never ending line at the fridge.

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  2. Oh and the clothes get bigger and the boys get sweatier, which means there are more loads of laundry to do. We are presently doing about 2 loads a day of laundry – and I only have 2 boys. But they go to the gym at least once, if not twice a day. What I would like is a laundry room like the one I saw on 13 children and growing, where they had like 4 washers and dryers. Can you imagine how quickly you could get the laundry done?

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    1. That would be awesome. Especially if you also hired a professional folder!


      1. Oooo – a professional folder and a professional disperser of clothes (put them away too)! That would be the ticket!!!

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  3. I love The Never Ending Story

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  4. Ya wish the plot would change up. 😛

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