Maaaaybe call it a comeback

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

A few Mother’s Days ago, I got the surprise of a lifetime. When the local paper published a tiny little story I wrote. A bit later, I decided to start this silly blog.

A few of you kinda liked it, Roseanne (before her big comeback) gave it a little shout out. And even if it was just out of the goodness of your hearts, many of you my dear friends and family encouraged me to keep at it.

Last year on Mother’s Day, the incredible producers of the show Listen To Your Mother gave me the chance to read an adaption of one of those blogs on stage. With a cast of amazing writers that inspire me to this day.

Then, life hit a bit of a reset. New home, new town, new job, new everything…including a new sense of purpose.

But no time for new blogs.

In a flash, I kept ripping pages off that gigantic desktop calendar that I swore I’d stay organized on (that’s really just buried under bills and old receipts), and all of a sudden ‘that’ day is almost here again.

Mother’s Day. A day for that for some reason, always feels like the day to get back to one of my life’s truest loves: writing.

Here’s to hoping it sticks this time. Stay tuned.


One response to “Maaaaybe call it a comeback”

  1. kathleen zapfel Avatar
    kathleen zapfel

    Love you Katie,soon you will find time to blog more……..when the boys grow up and out. Kathy Z.


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